• V/A - Danse A La Musique

Nos llega desde Francia esta chulísima recopilación de rarísimos temas de soul y funk de  finales de los 60 y primeros 70 en edición limitada de 500 copias ya a punto de agotarse. Entre los surcos encontrarás: Don Gardner with “let’s party” (remember “my baby  likes to boogalo”), Johnny Thompson with an incredible song of Andre Williams (“Mainsqueeze)”, Mr Jamo Thomas with his unique carribean touch  (the early “Stop the baby”), & unknown genius like Stan & the man, the Turnarounds, or Full Speed! + a lot more to enjoy & dance.  limited 500 copies. tracks : Do The Hot Pants (Mr JIM & THE RHYTHM MACHINE) - Mainsqueeze (JOHNNY THOMPSON) - Groove City Usa (AL JAMES) - Funky Jerk (SAM MOULTRIE) - Soul Clappin (THE BUENA VISTAS) - Stop the Baby (Mr JAMO) - Do The Pearl Girl (THE MATTA BABY) - Let’s Party (DON GARDNER) - The Boogoloo Popeye (THE CLIFFS OF RHYTHMS BAND) - Muscle Man Does The Football (STAN & THE MAN) - Soul Walk (THE TURNAROUNDS ) - Put’em On The Right Track (FULL SPEED) - There Oughta Be A Law (KENT & THE CANDIDATES) - Danse A La Musique (THE FRENCH FRIES)

V/A - Danse A La Musique

    Artista: V/A
    Formato: LP
  • Sello: Larsen
  • Código: BG33001
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  • Sin IVA: 10.74€

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